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CTR Bag Rider

CTR Bag Rider

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This CTR Bag Rider is compatible with Magpul CTR and MOE Carbine stocks. It easily snaps on and off for your convenience. Made from durable ABS material, it remains strong in both hot and cold environments.This product offers a more cost-effective option for converting your standard rifle into a long-range tool. The enlarged area provides a stable surface for resting on a squeeze bag, making it ideal for various shooting situations. The anti-snag design ensures that the bag rider stays securely attached to your rifle without getting caught on clothing or gear.

The default material is ABS, but PA6-CF (Nylon 6 with Carbon Fiber) is an option available that doubles strength and heat resistance with a deep matte finish that is easy to paint.

Magpul stock not included. 

Magpul®, CTR®, and MOE® are registered trademarks of Magpul Industries Corp.

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